Fever is 100.4o F (38o C) or higher!

Call the office immediately if your child has rectal temperature greater than 100.4o F and is less than 2 months of age!!

Okay, let’s give the medication!

TYLENOL: CHECK that you have a concentration of 160mg/5mL

Weight (lbs)6-1112-1718-2324-3536-4748-5960-7172-9596+TYPE
Infant & Children’s (160mg/5mL)
Chewable 80 mg Tablets1.5234568tablets
Chewable 160 mg Tablets11.522.534tablets
Adult 325 mg Tablets111.52tablets
Adult 500 mg Tablets11tablets

IBUPROFIN (motrin, advil): CHECK your concentration 50mg/1.25mL OR 100mg/5mL ** DO NOT use ibuprofen for children under 6 months of age

Weight (lbs)6-1112-1718-23 24-3536-4748-5960-7172-9596+TYPE
Infant 50mg/1.25mL1.251.8752.53.755mL
Children’s 100mg/5mL2.5457.51012.51520mL
Chewable 50 mg Tablets234568tablets
Chewable 100 mg Tablets22.534tablets
Adult 200 mg Tablets11.52tablets