please be patient with our staff…phone lines are busy, as you can imagine!



We are looking for an enthusiastic front desk person to cover summer months.

Duties include making appointments, answering phone, and scanning documents.

Offering 15/hr. Please contact Linda Covin – lcovin@gmail.com


***COVID Vaccine UPDATE***  If your child has already received a Covid vaccine…Wonderful! Please send us a Portal message with the dates so that we can enter them into their chart.   Don’t have access to the Portal? Call the office for a PIN.


***Does your child need forms completed for school and/or camp? Please review the requirements to see if a PPD (tb test) is needed. Call the office to schedule the test if necessary…before the form is completed!***

We want you to know what we are doing during the COVID-19 emergency. We are here for you and your children, in person. We are back to regular hours Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings but our scheduling has changed.  We are doing well visits for those children who need them. We especially encourage all of our youngest patients to stay on schedule to get all needed vaccines. We do not want to see vaccine preventable diseases come back because of missed visits!

We are working hard to keep the office safe, by asking that you only bring the child that needs to come with one parent/guardian for the visit. Please let us know if this causes a problem for you. 

Extra precautions have been taken in the cleaning of our office. We are cleaning rooms, surfaces and chairs before and after each visit, and wearing masks and gloves to protect you. We ask that you and all children older than 2 years also wear masks in the office; homemade or store bought are both fine.